The taste of DAVANNI'S Pizza is legendary! But did you know our delicious pizza is also healthy pizza? If you're willing to remember just a few quick tips, the pizza you eat at DAVANNI'S will taste so good, you'll have a hard time believing it's healthy for you.

Moderation and Balance
If you want to eat and live healthy, the key is moderation and balance in everything. This applies to food, alcohol, stress -- even exercise. We all know the benefits of regular and moderate exercise. In fact, walking is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your physical and mental health. Recent studies have shown that a small amount of stress is probably healthy and even "bad things" like alcohol and coffee actually have health benefits in moderation. If most of what you eat is reasonably healthy, the occasional brownie, cookie or rice crispy treat won't hurt you at all.

Pizza -- A Health Food?
Pizza has a reputation for being "junk food," a "virtual heart attack on a disk." Truth or fiction? Well, it all depends on you. Eat crusts loaded with sugar and shortening with tons of extra cheese and every type of meat that ever walked the earth (or crusts stuffed with cheese like some of our competitors offer) and you have enough saturated fats (bad cholesterol) and sodium to clog King Kong's arteries.

And like at any restaurant, it is possible to do some damage to yourself at DAVANNI'S. However, we use very little salt and sugar in our dough (less than any of our competitors) and no shortening. Our pizza sauce starts from fresh tomatoes, not paste that has had the moisture and many of the nutrients cooked out of it. Done right, in moderation, DAVANNI'S Pizza can be a very healthy and nutritious part of your diet.

Making Your Pizza Even Healthier

At DAVANNI'S, eating healthy comes naturally, is delicious, easy and isn't boring!