There's no reason why a Delicious Hoagy cannot be a Healthy Hoagy. After all, our Hoagies are:
Our Hoagies are healthy to begin with. Here's why! Our rolls have less shortening and sugar than theirs. Our meats are also much leaner. Our chicken breast, turkey breast, roast beef and pastrami are all oven roasted. Our chicken is 100% breast meat and not breaded or deep fried. Our ham and Canadian bacon are naturally (not chemically) smoked. Our pepperoni and salami are "hard" (soft salami, cotto, etc. are much higher in fat) and naturally cured. Our mozzarella has been twice named, "Best in the World." We only buy "clean label" products. Our meatballs and sausage contain no fillers. None of our deli meats contain any MSG or texturized soy protein. When it comes to the "meat of the subject", no one buys higher quality than we do. Nobody! The result is you don't have to leave off all of the good stuff to eat healthy and still be low in fat.

But that doesn't mean that you can't make your Healthy Hoagy even Healthier. Here's How!

At DAVANNI'S, eating healthy comes naturally, is delicious, easy and is never boring!