Pizzalympics 2015


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We all know that DAVANNI'S makes the BEST PIZZA. But which DAVANNI'S has the "Best of the Best" Pizza Makers? For 2015, at least, it's our Uptown shop at Hennepin & Lake in Minneapolis. Pizza Makers from Uptown swept both the Individual and Team competitions at this year's Pizzalympics, which took place Sunday, April 12 at our Coon Rapids shop. Uptown's Allen captured the Gold Medal in individual competition and joined Uptown co-workers Stefan and Casey in snagging the Team title.

Home shop Coon Rapids also swept both the Individual and Team competitions. The Individual Silver Medal went to Coon Rapid's Breanna, who joined teammates Bri and Alex for the Bronze Medal in the Team Competition. The Minnetonka team of Trevor, Keegan and Molly placed second in the Team Competition while Eden Prairie's Siva captured the Third Place Bronze Medal in Individual Competition.

The Box Folding Competition was won by Grand and Cleveland's Kristy, while the rowdy raucous employees from Coon Rapids won the coveted Spirit Award. But, of course, as always, the real winner was Ruby's Pantry who was the recipient of 50 of the perfect prize winning Pepperoni Pizzas the participants produced.

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