DAVANNI'S has also been local. Always will be. We are totally locally owned and managed. Even before we opened for business 35 years ago, DAVANNI'S owners were buddies. In fact, they all graduated from Edina High School together in 1967.

DAVANNI'S has also been legendary. We don't spend a million bucks on advertising. Instead, we rely on our customers to spread the good news about us. Since Day 1, we've been asking customers, "If you like it, tell others. If you don't, tell us."® And fortunately, you've been taking that request to heart.

When you look at your friends and neighbors, you see us. Our owners, our managers and our staff all live right next door or just down the street. All 21 DAVANNNI'S shops are located in the Twin Cities; all 1,000 employees are your neighbors. When you spend your hard earn money at DAVANNI'S, it stays here, in Minnesota. It doesn't go out of state to some huge corporate conglomerate.