Eating Vegetarian?

Vegetarian Options

If you are accessing this page, you undoubtedly know that there are many different approaches and disciplines with people who consider themselves vegetarians. Among these are:
Total Vegetarians - who eat plant food only (no animal products to include dairy, eggs, fish and honey, etc.). Vegans also fit into this group, though their non-animal prohibitions extend to all areas of their life to include clothing. Others include Lacto (dairy is OK), Lacto-ovo (dairy and eggs), Pesco (fish) and Pollo (poultry). If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, you know which of these you are.

Most of our menu choices are clear as to what they contain, making ordering decisions fairly easy, especially as they relate to meat, fish, poultry and in most instances dairy and eggs. For each menu item on our website, we list all of the components of the food. Our interactive allergen disclosure feature can also be helpful, especially in determining what items may contain hidden dairy or eggs. Just use the buttons to unselect ingredients and watch for the dairy or egg allergens to click on or off. What we will try to do here is provide information on ingredients that may be hidden or not apparent from our menu descriptions for each menu item. 

The most frequent question we get from vegetarians is whether our cheeses are made using animal rennet? The answer is no. So if you allow dairy in your diet, all of our cheeses are acceptable to you. The second most frequent question concerns our hoagy buns. All three varieties contain only vegetable shortening. Our white buns contain eggs, our grain buns contain dairy and our Ciabatta buns contain no animal products whatsoever.

Here are some other ingredients that you may have questions about:

Pizza Crusts

Thin and Traditional crusts contain no animal products. Our Deep Dish Crust contains dairy.

Pizza Sauces (traditional, deep dish, white oil, and pink)

These contain no animal products.

Pasta Sauces

Our red (tomato-based) sauce contains no animal products. Our Alfredo and Rosa sauces contain dairy.

Mayonnaise (plain and Chipotle)

Contains eggs.

Garlic Spread

Is used on our hoagies as well as on our deep dish crusts, calzones and pasta. Garlic spread contains dairy.

Tuna (tuna melt)

Contains eggs and obviously fish.

Chicken Breast

Contains dairy and obviously poultry.

Penne Pasta

Has no eggs, but is typically paired with our garlic spread (dairy), so if you need to avoid dairy, specify no garlic spread and no cheese.

Salad Dressings

Lite Italian and Chinese Chicken Salad contain no animal products.
Red Balsamic Vinaigrette contains dairy.
Lite Ranch, Bleu Cheese and Chipotle Salsa Ranch contain dairy and eggs. Chipotle Salsa Ranch is used on our Southwestern Chicken Hoagy and Southwestern Salad with Chicken.
Caesar dressing contains dairy, eggs and fish.

At Davanni's we established the practice of allowing our customers to customize their made-to-order food, long before Burger King came up with "have it your way". So no matter what your particular discipline, we welcome you customizing your order to meet your needs (no cheese, no mayo, etc.).